How to Add MPESA or BANK to Binance for Crypto Trading in Kenya is probably the leading cryptocurrency trading platform; however there are more like Coinbase and Skrill. Binance is popular in Kenya because it allows trading with Kenya’s most prominent money transferring system – MPESA. So, before you begin signup and get verified on by clicking here

You can buy Bitcoin in Kenya using MPESA, or BANK TRANSFER by using the Binance platform. Point to note is that, you will not be sending money directly to Binance; however you will be sending it to a trader on Binance, who will sell you the Bitcoin crptocoins. You must be verified for you to start dogecoin trading in Kenya. It is easy, just click here (How to get verified on

STEP 1: ADD MPESA OPTION TO YOUR ACCOUNT. Go to your Binance account by logging in and click on your account as shown below. This will take you to your account.

STEP 2: Once on your account, click on PAYMENT, then click on ADD A PAYMENT METHOD. By default, Binance will suggest MPESA as the preferred methods for buying cryptocoins like Bitcoin and Ethereum in Kenya. If it doesn’t show that, you can just type “MPESA” on the search bar available

Click on Payments
Search for MPESA

Once that is done. What remains is adding your name and your MPESA number, then verifying it. You will get a text message with the verification code which you will use to verify the number.

Is it possible to use my Kenyan Bank Account to trade in bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies? As of the time of posting this post, it wasn’t possible use Kenyan bank accounts or their respective VISA or MASTERCARDS for trading. This is due to the restrictions by the Central Bank of Kenya regarding Cryptocurrency trading in Kenya. However, some users claimed that it was possible to use Standard Chartered Bank, but we haven’t been able to verify this. However, Bank Transfer can be agreed upon between YOU the buyer and the SELLER as an option for Transaction.

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