How to Buy Dogecoin (DOGE) in Kenya using MPESA

You can buy dogecoin in Kenya through various cryptocurrency trading platforms. This tutorial is based on If you haven’t joined it, please do so. Also note, you must be verified to use the various functions available to buy any cryptocurrency in Kenya.

Step 1: Join, signup and get verified. For you to be verified you need to upload your National ID and take a clear photo of your face for recognition.

Step 2: Add MPESA as an option for trading. This is done under the P2P Payment Methods. Click on you email address. It will take you to your account. Under payments, you will see P2P. Add your mpesa number. You will get a text from for verification


Step 3: Deposit FUNDS: It important to know that most Kenyan credit cards i.e. Kenyan VISA or MASTERCARD do not accept purchase of cryptocurrency or buying of dogecoin in Kenya. You will therefore get an error when trying to use them. P2P is the best alternative there is. P2P basically means Peer-to-Peer (An individual has what you are looking, so you go buy from them). On the website go to TRADE then click on P2P. All note that not all cryptocurrencies will be listed on the P2P option. However, Binance allows you to buy any one of them and convert them to Dogecoin.

Step 4: BUY US DOLLAR: On US Dollars are abbreviated as BUSD (for BUY USD). So, on the P2P window; Change FIAT to Kenyan Shillings and Payment to MPESA Kenya Safaricom. This will list all traders on Binance who have the US Dollar and accept MPESA as a payment option

WARNING: The P2P option of trading is a risky one. You should trade with verified Traders (Have a GOLDEN TICK) OR Traders who have a good reputation. (Have completed many transactions successfully

If there’s no trader. No Problem, just change from BUSD to another option like BTC or USDT or BNB.

Step 5: SELECT REPUTABLE TRADER AND MAKE PAYMENT: Various traders will be available. Select the one you wish to trade with and click BUY. Also compare their prices and get the fairest price. Once you click BUY, you will be taken to the next step, where you will decide how much you wish to pay in Kenyan shillings. Then click BUY BUSD. You will get instruction on how to send your money to the Trader. Do it, and then Click NEXT (ONLY AFTER MAKING THE PAYMENT. Fraud is never tolerated on and you will be banned forever if you try it). Then wait for the trader to send you your Purchased items. You will get a text confirming this has happened.

STEP 6: MOVE YOUR FUNDS or WHATEVER YOU BOUGHT TO SPOT Binance holds your funds and cryptocurrency in different “wallets” (more of this later). Simply put, now you have you fund in your P2P Wallet, and should remove them from there so that you can use them. Go to WALLET then select OVERVIEW then click on TRANSFER…Change transfer from to read P2P WALLET and change TO to read Spot WALLET.…. select what you want to transfer, By default, Binance has BTC as the select item. Change it to whatever you have e.g. to BUSD if you bought BUSD. e.t.c then select the amout to you to transfer. You can just select MAX if you want to move everything.

STEP 7: BUY DOGECOIN IN KENYA Now you can buy dogecoins or any other crytocurrency you want including the famous BITCOIN. Simply select TRADE and click on CONVERT if you bought anything other than BUSD. This will convert the crypto you bought to whatever you choose. Select Convert from (choose what you bought) then select CONVERT TO (Choose what you want) then click confirm. YOU ARE DONE.

If you bought BUSD, Click on SPOT, then under search enter DOGE the Select DOGE/BUSD. If you bought USDT, Click on SPOT, then under search enter DOGE the Select DOGE/USDT. Enter the amount you want to spend then click BUY. N/B: Ensure your selected DOGE and not DEGO as that is a different crytocurrency. AND THAT’S IT!! Congratulations, you are now a proud owner of DOGECOIN in Kenya. If you get difficulties, just type your queries below, we will try to answer them. Cheers and keep trading.

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