How to Join Bitcoin in Kenya

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If you want to know How to join Bitcoin in Kenya, then it is very simple, but first you must understand the basics. First; what is bitcoin? To not use very complex words and jargon, BItcoin is a digital cryptocurrency. Unlike the normal currencies that people use that is tangible, and you can see or feel it, Bitcoin is not tangible. So then, if you are one of those who love the smell of new notes, then this isn’t for you. I would equit Bitcoin to having an ATM. While you have the money loaded on the card, you cannot physically have it (unless you withdraw it), but can spend it as you wish. Bitcoin is kinds similar to this; it has a wallet uniquely identified to the holder which they use to trade.

Joining bitcoin in Kenya requires that you join one of the platforms that people use for trading of cryptocurrency. The most common in Kenya is Binance and coinbase. Once you join, register and get verified then you are ready to Join the huge cryptocurrency world. Binance accepts deposits using credit cards and MPESA. More on that here

Another way of joining Bitcoin is by mining the crypto coins. You know how people mine gold and other precious stones, and how difficult and expensive that is. YES. That is an option, if you can have all the machineries, experience and electricity needed to run the various heavy equipment needed to perform the various computations needed to mine bitcoin. It is not easy, and might not be an option for many people. The easiest and fastest way to Join bitcoin in Kenya is therefore to just buy the coins on Binance.

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